Soft closing roller for aluminum door / 单阻尼壁阻尼器

Item No.: 20135


· 安装简单,阻尼器安装门片上只需一颗螺钉一个卡扣,整个安装过程不依靠量具安装;                                                    

· 独特V形张开设计结构做到真正防跳,可用于不同重量的门体;,                                                  

· 上定位器安装有一键式调节高度功能迎合上轮的高度需求;                 

· 顶轮的自动调节设计,确保最佳高度尺寸,安装方便;                         

· 可适用于信心竖框;                              

· 上轨通用铝材实用36-40mm





· Simple installment ,the soft closing damper only use one crew and one buckle, no need to use othet measure tools                         

· Special V form with spread structure is anti-jump prevented, suitable for doors with different weight                           

· The upper fixer can adjust up and down by one key to match upper wheel height requirment                      

· Self-regulation design of upper wheel can make sure the best height of the door, simple installment.                           

·Suitable for off-centre mullion                                     

· Fit for 36mm-40mm up track

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